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Prenatal Yoga at Home is designed to support all mothers-to-be on their individual pregnancy journey. The wide selection of classes will help with the ever changing physical and emotional needs. From strength building yoga as well as classes addressing back pain, to meditations to connect you with your growing baby, you will find everything to help you on your pregnancy journey.

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Hi, I’m Fiona McGlynn

I'm an Orkney-based Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor on a mission to help others feel great with yoga - especially soon to be mums. I started practising yoga in early 2013, and it didn't take long before I felt all the benefits of a regular practise.

During my first pregnancy, I was unaware of the adjustments that I should have made to my exercise regime. I continued to do things like regular planks, over stretched and found I was left injured and with an increased abdominal separation that took time to repair.

Training and learning about the importance of breath and the effect of small modifications to movements inspired me to create this platform so that it would be available for all mothers to be. Using these techniques and modifications will enable you to create a strong and flexible powerhouse to grow a baby, whilst also mentally and physically preparing you labour and beyond.

A little more about my background: I have a degree in Sport and Exercise Science, a Masters in Nutrition, trained as a Massage Therapist in the USA and as a Hatha yoga teacher in Thailand. I love the human body and it constantly amazes me what the body is capable of. I became even more in awe of the human body so after watching my body change, adapt and recover after each of my pregnancies.

I hope you find value in my classes and thank you for stopping by.

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